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Wooden Barrels: Technology for the Ages

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The oak barrel is, maybe, the primary affiliation that involves thoughts whereas occupied with wine. Few individuals know that the custom of growing older wine, and virtually each different alcoholic drink, reminiscent of cognac, whiskey, or sherry, has occurred accidentally.

In Julius Caesar’s instances, Romans had been preventing the world to create the Empire; they needed to transport weapons, meals, and wine. You may marvel why they didn’t transport water. Transporting wine was far more environment friendly than water as a result of it by no means spoiled if stored within the chilly. At the moment, amphorae, a bottle adopted by Romans owing to Greeks, was the perfect answer for holding liquids. Quickly, Romans concluded that amphorae weren’t environment friendly sufficient and began in search of higher options.

Solely when Romans began shifting to Europe in 300 B.C. and stopped at Gallia (at present France), the numerous quantities of oak caught their consideration. It’s believed that Gauls taught Romans how you can produce wood casks. This principle is sensible as a result of French Oak barrels are the most well-liked and dear amongst different barrels even as we speak.

Oak gained recognition fairly quick. The nice variety of bushes in Europe was equal to the numerous variety of casks made. Wooden in this sort of tree was tender and simple to form in a cylinder. Why did they form it as a cylinder? Spherical barrels had been simple to push with out utilizing an excessive amount of pressure.

One other step in making a cask is “toasting” it from the within for pasteurization, stopping micro organism from spoiling and poisoning the wine. Sadly, amphorae didn’t have such benefits, which is why it was deserted as a transporting device. Sensible Romans couldn’t ignore this low cost and time-saving answer.

Yr after 12 months, when experiments with wine casks continued, Romans discovered that wine that was stored within the cellar for 3 years tasted significantly better than wine stored within the cellar for a few months. Irrespective of how briskly retailers wished to promote the wine, coopers had been on the patron’s aspect: that’s why ingesting wine is such an gratifying course of these days. After that, winemaking hasn’t modified a lot; the method is far the identical:

  1. choosing the grapes;
  2. getting the juice out of grapes;
  3. including yeast for fermentation; and
  4. growing older.

The affect of barrels was noticeable up till the fridge was created. Not solely alcohol, however many meals, reminiscent of sauerkraut, fish, water, and different greens, had been stored within the casks. Some individuals say that growing older wine within the wood cask is old school, and scientists have since give you higher options.

Though winemakers typically use plastic and metal for storing the wine, these cheaper options gained’t replicate the style produced by a wood cask. A terrific instance is French wine, made utilizing the “old school” applied sciences, which is taken into account the best wine worldwide!

BochArt is a Canadian firm specializing in handmade oak barrels, constructed utilizing the perfect oak barrel-making strategies. All barrels are individually hand-made by skilled artisans.

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